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Private Breathwork Ceremony w/ Microdose

Mushroom microdose w/ Cacao Breathwork ceremony

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • 175 US dollars
  • Vancleave, Mississippi

Service Description

In a private breathwork ceremony augmented with mushroom microdosing and cacao, the experience is elevated to a synergistic exploration of consciousness, heart-opening, and inner healing. The ceremony begins with a ceremonial dose of cacao, a sacred plant medicine known for its heart-opening and grounding properties. As participants sip their warm cacao elixir, they are encouraged to set intentions for the journey, focusing on their personal goals for healing, growth, or self-discovery. As the breathwork unfolds, participants may experience a heightened sense of connection to their inner selves, as well as to the natural world and each other. Emotions and memories may surface, offering opportunities for healing and release. The cacao works in tandem with the breathwork and microdose, supporting the process of opening the heart and accessing deeper levels of insight and compassion. Throughout the ceremony, I provide gentle guidance and support, holding space for each participant's unique journey while fostering a sense of safety and trust. The combination of breathwork, mushroom microdosing, and cacao creates a potent alchemy for inner exploration and transformation, allowing participants to access expanded states of consciousness and tap into their innate wisdom and healing potential.

Contact Details

  • 6000 Wooded Acres Road, Vancleave, MS, USA

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