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Rapé Journey

A Guided Hike with Rapé

  • 3 hours
  • 130 US dollars
  • Empire, CO

Service Description

Rapé is a powder that looks like ash that is made from tobacco leaves (Mapacho) and other Amazonian plants from the jungle. Each recipe is a tribe secret. This sacred tobacco is called Mapacho and carries the spirit of the Grandfather. This spirit brings protection, connection, removes blockages and healing. A rapé ceremony offers you a unique opportunity to reconnect with your higher self and tap into an inner well of energy, peace, and willpower. If you want to use rapé to its full medicinal potential, you have to carry that momentum beyond the moment to integrate your intention into action. Rapé ceremonies should be treated with respect. It’s only by giving the sacred medicine the reverence and attention it deserves that you can gain the most value and insight from the experience. Together, we will embark on a beautiful hike in the Rocky Mountains and sacred space will be held for you to partake of this Shamanic Medicine. After booking, we will discuss what is to be expected and what you can plan for. This price includes the hike, the medicine, an oracle reading and a nutritious lunch following the journey.

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